Comprehensive SaaS Solutions for Fraud and Risk Management

dCube – Overview

dCube is a comprehensive fraud and risk management platform that empowers organizations to have complete control when building AI and machine learning models to proactively manage fraud and risk. It provides full model transparency and explainability with model governance to meet compliance requirements.

dCube features a hyper-modern architecture built to manage complex digital signals and behavior analytics, empowering large enterprises to identify and prevent even the most sophisticated attacks. dCube facilitates maximum agility by allowing all stakeholders to manage data better, build models faster, and adapt to changing fraud more efficiently.

dEdge – Overview

dEdge is a cutting-edge device intelligence solution that is designed for addressing threats from device manipulations particularly bot traffic and those that target mobile applications. Leveraging DataVisor’s deep rooted expertise in big data security, dEdge collects device data at the source to detect compromised devices resulting from emulators, rooted devices and repackaged apps.

dEdge is expressly built to protect against attacks from hijacked devices—no matter what techniques fraudsters may use to manipulate them—and deliver accurate signals, device IDs, and scores. When used in combination with other DataVisor machine learning solutions, dEdge empowers clients to uncover known and unknown threats and attacks early and to take action with confidence.

dOps – Overview

dOps combines the simplicity of conventional rules analysis with modern machine learning to deliver an enterprise-class solution ready for runtime production environment. With dOps, fraud and risk teams can adapt to novel fraud patterns, identify business risks, and catch internal business violations with control, agility, and scalability.

Powered by a customizable features engineering platform at its core, dOps delivers the simplicity of a conventional rules engine and an infrastructure that supports powerful machine learning techniques, to stop new and evolving threat attacks, business risks and internal policy violations. It does all of this in real time, with high levels of scalability, agility and speed.

dVector – Overview

dVector integrates different signals, third-party data, and heterogeneous data sources to deliver the most superior fraud detection and minimize financial loss. Powered by an extensive array of tools and machine learning approaches, dVector delivers a holistic fraud prevention strategy to combat the speed, scale, and sophistication of modern fraud.

dVector delivers fully optimized detection scores and reasons that detail how each instance of fraud or abuse was committed. Powered by DataVisor’s Global Intelligence Network—comprising more than 4B global users—dVector incorporates rich fraud intelligence from across industries into machine learning algorithms that further improve overall detection.

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