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MoData is a digital and financial solutions specialist that works with leading banks, financial services, and investment companies across Africa to support them on their journey to digitise and automate their financial business processes.
Our solutions efficiently integrate enterprise back office platforms with all modern digital communication channels. They are able to effectively humanize digital interaction for the end-user customer and intuit through natural AI capability.

Our Solutions

Streamline your processes and drive continuous innovation with our intelligent BPA product suite. Our Business Process Automation Platform enables enterprise-wide digital transformation. It automates simple to complex processes, bridges organizational silos, and reinvents operations, while driving continuous process improvement. The suite offers a comprehensive set of tools for low code application configuration, with point-and-click and drag-and-drop functionalities, to rapidly develop and deliver responsive web and mobile applications.

MoData Digital Services (MDS) brings you Digital Agility and provides a 360 degree Customer Journey. MDS assists organizations with unified Client Lifecycle Management, KYC, AML, Cyber and Fraud orchestration, as well as automation and case management capabilities. MDS helps to tackle the convergence of identity proofing, authentication, transaction monitoring and regulatory reporting. By empowering your business to deter financial crimes in a transparent and responsible manner, MDS will assist you in protecting your business from reputational, regulatory, financial and customer risks.

Intelligent and integrated solutions to optimize currency levels, reduce expenses and improve control. Our Cash & Logistics suite offers end-to-end solutions and consulting services that help financial institutions, retailers and service providers reduce expenses and improve control. The advanced software applications reside on an integrated, Web-based architecture to facilitate the sharing of data elements and straight-through processing. They are installed and integrated with your organization’s existing infrastructure, or delivered as a hosted SaaS/ASP option.

Omni Channel Customer Communications. Today’s highly mobile consumers desire interactive communications that allow them to interact with your organisation via the channel of their choice such as Mobile app, RTC, text, email, Web, USSD, MMS, Social Media such as WhatsApp, and voice whilst utilising ai chat bots and maintaining a single continuous experience. Take your digital transformation initiatives to the next level and create a completely unique experience for your customers by combining knowledge across all relevant segments and providing better insights.

MoData at a Glance

Creating a customer journey that is innovative, intelligent and intuitive.
Leading Fraud & Compliance Solutions
Financial Control
Interactive Customer Communications
Digital Banking
Cash & Logistics
Intelligent Business Automation
40+ Employees
50+ Customers
30+ Years in Business

Global Capabilities

MoData has built an extensive network of global partners across 140 countries and provides a locally compliant background screening service. Our robust and tech-savvy processes are designed in accordance with the laws applicable in these geographies to deliver accurate results.

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