Our implementation Services can help you implement fully integrated, customized technology or fast-track product enhancements both efficiently and economically. With this service you have access to a team of project analysts and programming professionals who draw on years of experience as they work with you to design, develop and deploy customized business solutions for any scale.

In collaboration with your team, our experts will determine project requirements and carefully define each project’s scope. They will also describe expectations, establish measurements for the project’s success, and specify time frames and action items. Custom solutions are typically delivered within 45 days of scope approval, greatly accelerating time-to-market and keeping your organization agile.

One of our project analysts will be assigned to monitor and guide development efforts and act as a single point of contact that facilitates communication among your organization, MoData and any third parties that are involved. Depending on your specific needs, you can also select optional on-site technical analysis and project management.

Once you have agreed to the project’s scope, design and development will begin. Your project analyst will closely monitor the project’s progress, communicate expectations and deadlines to all those involved, and provide you with regular updates. Additionally, you will receive software documentation that details operational procedures and specification definitions. Following extensive quality assurance testing, the solution will be ready for user acceptance testing to ensure smooth integration into your technology environment.

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