Cash and Logistics Management

Intelligent and integrated solutions to optimize currency levels, reduce expenses and improve control


The financial services industry faces a number of new challenges in the current environment. In addition to the continued need to reduce costs and optimize efficiency, treasury managers have intensified their focus on increased visibility, control and risk mitigation. In the wake of the global economic crisis, regulatory compliance has become a top priority. Additional pressures have emerged in response to consumers’ demands for convenience and availability.

Our Cash & Logistics suite offers integrated, end-to-end solutions and consulting services that help financial institutions, retailers and service providers reduce expenses and improve control. The advanced software applications reside on an integrated, Web-based architecture to facilitate the sharing of common data elements and straight-through processing. They are installed and integrated with your organization’s existing infrastructure, or delivered as a hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS)/ASP option.

Device Management

Deliver improved results through service vendor management and automated help desk workflow. Device management can help you enhance incident resolution processes by monitoring whether your devices implement the best resolution plan for every issue, confirm they’re working the issue and tracking progress against contracts through resolution. Flexible incident routing, real-time tracking of service contract SLAs and automated escalation plans can reduce lengthy outages. Read More

Retail Cash Management

Save money by automating the cash reconciliation process and eliminate manual cash deposit procedures. We provide a flexible, web-based solution to centrally manage cash for your retail chain stores. Retailers can lease or purchase smart safe solutions directly from us, and can access an automated cash management solution that works with any safe or armored car vendor. Cashiers safely deposit cash and coins into a smart safe, which counts, validates, and secures the monies to reduce manual cash handling, errors and risk of internal theft. Read More

Cash Forecasting

Enhance profitability by more accurately managing the currency supply chain. Our Cash forecasting and optimization solution enables you to anticipate the needs of traditional currency points such as ATMs, branches and vaults as well as self-service devices such as in-branch currency dispensing units and remote cash capture machines. In addition, it allows you to optimize your entire currency supply chain, which can result in currency inventory reductions of 20 to 40 percent. Read More

Vendor Management

An enterprise-wide track and trace system that optimizes your end-to-end shipment and delivery oversight capabilities. Our Vendor Management solution can track virtually any bar-coded item throughout the delivery cycle. By automating the counting, verifying, logging and reporting processes, the system eliminates the uncertainties associated with manual methods and provides real-time visibility for managing item location and ownership. Through the collection of electronic signatures, you can confidently leverage your existing resources to deliver standard accountable mail at a fraction of the cost charged by national carriers, without sacrificing delivery verification. Read More

Branch Automation

Bring the convenience and speed of digital banking into the physical branch. Our branch automation solution helps financial institutions leverage the capabilities of a traditional branch without the traditional costs, and find better ways to improve engagement and consumer interactions. We combine hardware and software services to automate cash handling and accelerate cash transactions, and enable consumers to complete typical branch transactions with self-service convenience. Read More

Performance View

Comprehensive data analytics and reporting for your enterprise supply chain. Performance View provides users with access and flexibility to their data without requiring technical expertise or external resources. The power of information is put into the hands of your subject matter experts to get the data they need, when they need it, the way they want to see it. Information from the full Cash and Logistics Management suite is available for reporting, creating a single point of access to manage your entire supply chain. Read More

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