Financial Crime and Risk Management

MoData Digital Services (MDS), A SaaS marketplace for Financial Crimes Risk Management


360 degree Customer Journey

MoData Digital Services (MDS) assists organisations to address enterprise-wide fraud, cyber and compliance requirements. The MDS platform does this by enabling companies with unified Client Lifecycle Management, KYC, AML, Cyber and Fraud orchestration, automation, case management and fiat and crypto investigation capabilities.
MDS helps to tackle the convergence of identity proofing, authentication, transaction monitoring, regulatory reporting and more. By empowering your business to predict, prevent, detect and deter financial crimes in a transparent and responsible manner, MDS will assist you in protecting your business from reputational, regulatory, financial and customer risks.


​•  Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, locally hosted on our secure MoData Cloud, with a dedicated client tenant architecture
​•  Low code platform with private API interfaces
​•  MDS is a modular offering – only use what you need to use, and only pay for what you use
•  Enables digital agility for superior customer experience and revenue growth, underpinned by cost and risk efficiencies

Global Capabilities

MoData has built an extensive network of global partners across 140 countries and provides a locally compliant background screening service. Our robust and tech-savvy processes are designed in accordance with the laws applicable in these geographies to deliver accurate results.

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