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Raising the Bar for Consumer Experience and Fighting Fraud in Lending

Case Study – The client is An innovative American financial technology company that pioneered the point of sale finance industry by providing a quick, transparent, and more inclusive lending alternative to consumers. Fraudsters were using synthetic identities to mass register fraudulent new accounts and then requesting loans that were never paid back. Solving the well-known industry trade-off between customer experience and fraud prevention. High rates of account takeovers and  promotion/benefit abuse indicated that the client had outgrown its insourced fraud model.


  • Processed vast amounts of proprietary data with Feature Platform and enriched it with insights from 4.5B third-party accounts and 1T events.
  • Leveraged the Rules Engine tool to create and manage commands with heightened efficiency and accuracy.
  • Gained a 360° view of fraud data and its connections using DataVisor’s Knowledge Graph.
  • Leveraged the Case Management toolset to take fast, efficient, and informed decisions in real-time.


  • 41% reduction in hurt ratio, a measure of false positives.
  • 320+ fraud rings detected, some of them related to over $80k in losses per attack.
  • 5x estimated review efficiency improvement.

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