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Customer Fraud Solutions converges with MoData

South Africa, November: Customer Fraud Solutions, a fraud and risk management company, recently converged with MoData to create MoData Digital Services (MDS). MoData Digital Services offers comprehensive, customer-friendly protection against fraud and other security threats — a necessity during a period where digital adoption is on the rise, as more companies are at risk of fraud.

As digital adoption grows, so does the risk of cyber fraud and security breaches. During the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies and organisations began conducting business digitally. This growth is expected to continue well after the pandemic. Unfortunately, this growth comes with risks.

Many companies are unsure of how to protect themselves against fraud. Many digital fraud solutions are inconvenient and not user-friendly, which can discourage potential customers from making a purchase or interacting with certain companies.

Customer Fraud Solutions advises its clients to adopt and implement a layered and risk-based  approach to total fraud and compliance protection across their “Customer Journey 360”,  starting with Strong Digital Identity and Customer Authentication capability.

In order to meet the growing demand for comprehensive protection, Customer Fraud Solutions and MoData have created a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, MoData Digital Services (MDS). MDS mitigates the most concerning fraud and cyber security risks without compromising a user-friendly customer experience. This enables companies to prioritise security while ensuring that customers are not inconvenienced.

About Customer Fraud Solutions:

Customer Fraud Solutions offers bespoke fraud management solutions to prevent, manage and remedy fraud. As your business and threat landscape evolve, we ensure that your underpinning fraud, cyberrisk and  compliance capability remain current, relevant and robust throughout your Customer Journey 360. ‘

About MoData:

For the past three decades, MoData has been offering innovative, intuitive and intelligent, digital automation solutions to the Financial Services and Insurance sector.

Through our proven track record and professional yet personal approach, we have helped hundreds of customers around the world overcome complex business challenges. We pride ourselves on our agility and entrepreneurial approach to providing intelligent solutions to clients’ problems, with an emphasis on cost optimisation, back office transformation, and customer satisfaction.

MoData’s fraud division provides best in class financial crime, risk and compliance, customer due diligence and anti money laundering solutions across Africa and the Middle east via an innovative real time, cloud based, cross channel platform that utilises artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic automation as well as innovative customer communications options to achieve superior results.

MoData Digital Services supports organisations to make a significant and differential impact to prevent, detect and deter financial crimes responsibly and help protect the global payments ecosystem.

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