Trade Finance

Digitize the global trade ecosystem and remove trade barriers

Bringing together the world’s banks, corporates and ecosystem partners, onto a common, digital, and trusted network

Benefits at a glance:

Reduce the risk of non-payment and non-receipt of goods
Improve efficiency and boost revenue
Fewer delays in payments and shipments
Increase scale of operations
Ensure regulatory compliances

Overview of Trade Finance

With shrinking margins in trade finance, the biggest challenges that banks are facing today include improving service levels, increasing scale of operations and ensuring regulatory compliances without adding additional costs. As paper based trade processes are likely to continue to dominate, banks are looking forward to streamline inefficiencies in trade operations by automating trade operations in an electronically driven paperless environment.

With the ever growing competition, it’s imperative for banks to optimize the complete trade finance processing, from origination, issuance, amendment to collection. Most of these banks provide Trade Finance and International Banking Services to their commercial customers to help them expand their business in the global marketplace and maintain their margins and profits. Typical services include issuing Letters of Credit, Short and Medium Term Trade Finance Instruments, International Payments and Collections.

Designed by bankers & experts in trade finance and technology, MoData Trade Finance Solution accelerator is a revolutionary concept that thinks, acts and operates in the same way as a bank’s trade finance operation. The unique solution enables banks to process trade finance business both efficiently and cost-effectively, providing banks the edge they need to stay ahead of the competition. Utilize tamper proof Blockchain Data and Documents, Smart Contracts and IoT technology for “One Version of the Truth”.

MoData, through its out-of-the-box adaptors and integration technology, seamlessly integrates its Trade Finance Solution Accelerator with core banking systems. It provides domain rich out of the box Trade Finance. Solution accelerators and addresses all of the above challenges faced by banks today. MoData Trade Finance Accelerator automates end-to-end trade finance processing, ensures compliance and reporting of documentary credits, collections, guarantees, payments, reimbursements and financing.

The future of global trade – a single, global network

Challenges of the Traditional Process

• Different stakeholders use different systems when it comes to using a Letter of Credit
• Involves paperwork to complete transactions, certificates, couriers, scanning, hard copies and originals, etc.
• Small discrepancies can lead to delays and even rejection of documents
• Time delays from making amendments (can be days)
• Demurrage costs
• Pressurized working capital (fines and late payments)
• Lack of visibility, making estimating working capital requirements difficult

Solving Global Trade Inefficiencies

Use blockchain technology to create a transparent, and efficient platform to streamline and automate the global supply chain. We utilize public and permissioned blockchains as well as sidechains to utilize blockchain’s decentralized advantages while maintaining the security and privacy of user’s data.
Automation is achieved utilizing Smart Contracts, driving the supply chain with predetermined, automated work contracts, shipping & customs documents as well as automated international payments. The layering of other Blockchain technologies, as a part of, or an objective in the Smart Contract, is another key feature further enabling supply chain automation.
Documents are secured by encryption, and storage in an off-chain container. Once data has been written to a blockchain, no one – not even a system administrator – can change it without consent of the rest of the network. This creates a secure audit trail of all documents and transactions to ensure compliance with local regulations.

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