Supply Chain Finance

Automate transactions and track invoice approval and settlement processes, from initiation to completion

Lower financing costs and improve business efficiency for buyers and sellers linked in a sales transaction

Benefits at a glance:

Simplified processes
Maximized operational efficiency
Reduced turnaround times
Enhanced document security and integrity
Improved safety and risk management

Overview of Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain finance works best when the buyer has a better credit rating than the seller, and can consequently source capital from a bank or other financial provider at a lower cost. This advantage lets buyers negotiate better terms from the seller, such as extended payment schedules. Meanwhile, the seller can unload its products more quickly, to receive immediate payment from the intermediary financing body.

Supply chain finance encourages collaboration between buyers and sellers. This philosophically counters the competitive dynamic that typically arises between these two parties. After all, under traditional circumstances, buyers attempt to delay payment, while sellers look to be paid as soon as possible. Supply chain finance has been primarily driven by the increasing globalization and complexity of the supply chain, especially in the automotive and manufacturing industries.

MoData offers you a comprehensive supply chain finance solution to manage the intricacies of complex flows, including factoring, reverse factoring, etc., while enabling seamless supplier and buyer-centric financing. By leveraging the automated solution, the seller enjoys the benefits of easy, fast financing of receivables at competitive rates, without recourse financing. The buyer receives the benefits of optimizing working capital. Additionally, you can minimize administration costs while drastically improving your organization’s operational efficiency.

Additionally MoData offers Blockchain-enabled Supply Chain Finance Solutions. Built on a low code digital automation platform, the solution provides you a secure way to manage the end-to-end process, from onboarding to final disbursal. By leveraging the solution, you can gain visibility, increase efficiencies, and minimize costs throughout the chain. Furthermore, it helps you adopt a collaborative approach toward other parties in the chain.

The Stumbling Blocks

• Low visibility into data, records, and transactions
• High operational expenses
• Lack of timely alerts and notifications
• Excessive need for manual intervention to get real-time status updates
• High turnaround time
• Unavailability of timestamps for auditing
• Poor transaction management
• High risk of fraudulent activities
• Lack of reporting capabilities
• Poor collaboration

Digitized Supply Chain Finance

• An intuitive user interface with 100% visibility
• Increased value delivery to corporate
• Comprehensive dashboards for faster decision-making
• Convenient routing of role-based workflows
• Reduced turnaround times
• Timely availability of transactional details for the finance team
• Centralized processing of transactions
• Improved safety and risk management
• Improved reporting and informed decision-making
• Superior user experience

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