Global Trade and Supply Chain Solutions

Real-time trade and supply chain visibility and insight, no matter where you are located

Streamlining the entire global trade lifecycle with full visibility across all trading partners

Benefits at a glance:

Simplify financial trade
Eliminate order processing delays
Visibility into landed costs
Streamlined screening of export orders


As supply chains across the globe experience unprecedented levels of disruption and uncertainty, the need to digitize processes and documents to unlock better data sharing and capital management has never been greater. As suppliers struggle to gain access to capital and order data, building stronger collaboration with trading partners will be key to a speedy recovery.

Our Global Trade and Supply Chain Solutions offer greater cash flow visibility, payment certainty and collaboration for suppliers promoting businesses to generate cleaner, more compliant transactions, reducing costs, and improving supplier performance. Increase supplier productivity with reliability on quality and delivery, transform and digitize payment processes, and optimizing liquidity through innovative finance programs

Supply Chain Finance

Automate transactions and track invoice approval and settlement processes, from initiation to completion. MoData offers you a comprehensive supply chain finance solution to manage the intricacies of complex flows, including factoring, reverse factoring, etc., while enabling seamless supplier and buyer-centric financing. By leveraging the automated solution, the seller enjoys the benefits of easy, fast financing of receivables at competitive rates, without recourse financing. Read More

Trade Finance

Digitize the global trade ecosystem and remove trade barriers. Designed by bankers & experts in trade finance and technology, MoData Trade Finance Solution accelerator is a revolutionary concept that thinks, acts and operates in the same way as a bank’s trade finance operation. The unique solution enables banks to process trade finance business both efficiently and cost-effectively, providing banks the edge they need to stay ahead of the competition. Read More

Supply Chain Management

Oversee each touchpoint of your product or service, from initial creation to the final sale. MoData has a number of solutions that address these challenges and inefficacy. We have a SaaS middleware platform seamlessly integrating legacy and emerging technologies (E.g., Blockchain, IoT, RFID, etc). We provide supply chain managers with shipment and item visibility to automate and optimize safe and secure supply chains saving time and money. Read More

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