Workflow, Alert and Case Management

Unite your existing anti-fraud investments to form one centralized fraud framework

Harness the full power of fraud orchestration and execute actions in seconds not hours

Benefits at a glance:

Reduce false positives
Automate repetitive tasks
Enable auto decisioning
See all fraudsters steps in one place


Too often, institutions face the challenge of siloed anti-fraud systems and operations with little-to-no cross-functional or departmental communication. For fraud prevention to be effective in the context of delivering the perfect balance between fraud prevention and customer experience, the enterprise must be connected and working in harmony via one final orchestration layer that connects and manages your point systems.

Our solution intelligently manages fraud automation across your entire fraud and risk enterprise. See the start, middle and end of each fraud, in one fraud storyboard across your entire enterprise with fraud orchestration. Now is the time to unite and control your fraud operations into one common fraud and risk framework and improve customer experience, reduce fraud and your operational costs.


Fraud mission control – A single view of fraud delivering investigations, compliance and fraud reporting with a single source of the truth.
Data orchestration – Intelligently unite all your fraud, transactional and customer care systems.
Fraud automation – See the big picture with the full story of fraud via flexible fraud investigation storyboards
Scalability – Built from the ground up for large volumes, our solution easily scales as your business grows, deployable via on-premises, cloud, and a hybrid of both.

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