Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate simple to complex repeatable business processes by integrating your human and robotic activities

Extend workflow usability by combining robotic capabilities with intelligent process automation

Benefits at a glance:

Seamless integration with bots
Efficient process governance
Easy exception handling
High operational efficiency


Organizations are excited about robotic process automation (RPA) and it is understandable. The use of bots to automate repeatable activities while freeing up knowledge workers to perform constructive tasks has made RPA a mainstream option for the organizations on their digital journey. However, as different use cases require different types of bots, RPA initiatives must be backed by a clear strategy and good governance. 

We offer the combined power of RPA and BPM on a single digital platform. The platform helps improve overall business performance, with better visibility and exception management. It comprises of process simulator, robotic agents, robotic control center and business activity monitor to identify, automate, test, and measure key activities across processes. The cognitive capability of bots, achieved via machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), enables users to mimic human actions and deliver sound judgment without manual intervention.

Core Capabilities

Bot Scripting – Our inhouse tool, bot scripter, creates bot conversations. Develop & edit automation task flows with one-click recording and/or drag & drop functionality
Robot Control Center – Create, deploy, schedule, control and monitor robotic agents in real-time

Core Capabilities

Bot Process Designer – Configure and manage bots in a seamless manner. Help study as-is process to develop a strategic roadmap in regards to how RPA will be plugged into processes. Configure exceptions & alerts, process-specific input data, business rules, decision-based flows, and status change notifications.

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