Omni Channel / Interactive Customer Communication

Design, manage, and distribute end-to-end communications from one centralized platform

Enhance customer experience with personalized and consistent communications across channels

Benefits at a glance:

Reduce operational costs
Map customer journey on multiple channels
Provide interactive experiences
Improve cross-sell/upsell opportunities


Fraud detection systems do a reasonable job of detecting fraud, however they rely on the availability of expensive call centre agents and speed is of the essence, so digital automation deals with the false positive ratios as well as contacting 100% of customers speedily.

Modern customers want timely, relevant, and accurate communication through their preferred engagement channels. One flawed experience can completely erase your customer’s loyalty. To keep them engaged with customer-friendly and cost-effective communications, modernizing your customer communication management system is an absolute must.

Different demographics require different contact channels. Some people still prefer voice whilst other people never answer their phone and often pro-actively block calls from financial institutions. SMS is popular but has limitations in a fraud environment, social media such as WhatsApp is popular, whereas an organization’s own Mobile App may be preferred.

The use of machine learning and ai chat bots is also a popular way of allowing customers to self-serve. However, what is clear is that no single channel is the solution for rapid contact and that the conversation needs to be continuous across the orchestrated channels. If an SMS is sent to a customer and they call in to the call center, then agents need a view of all client contacts.

Deliver All Types of Communication

Batch Generation

Enable structured, scheduled, and consistent communications processed in large volumes
•  Transactional communications, such as account statements, credit card statements, phone/utility bills, and more
•  Non-transactional communications, such as e-mail/SMS reminders, notifications, and more

On-demand Generation

Deliver communications in real time with triggers from enterprise business applications
•  Online policy or statement generation and transactional confirmations/OTPs
•  Instant issuance of ID cards, benefit statements, and more

Interactive Generation

Add a human touch to communications by arranging variable data and content in a structured template
•  Allow consumers to interact with your organization via the channel of their choice
•  Maintain a single continuous experience across mobile app, text, email, social media, WhatsApp, etc.

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