Interactive Customer Communication

Design, manage, and distribute end-to-end omni-channel communications from one centralized platform

Take your digital adoption initiatives to the next level through contextual, conversational, and intelligent automation

Benefits at a glance:

Reduce operational costs
Map customer journey on multiple channels
Provide interactive experiences
Improve cross-sell/upsell opportunities


The demand for Digital CX increases daily with every customer interaction, where savvy users rely on multiple channels of communication and interaction with service providers. Customers no longer wish to interact with “dumb” menu driven technologies. They insist on accurate, efficient, and contextually specific conversational channels to get their questions answered and the service complete.

For business to consumer and business to business service delivery, to be successfully applied today, companies must invest in technology that enables customer interaction preference to meet the demand generation. Getting this wrong, will have a direct impact on profitability and customer retention.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) coupled with Software as a Service (SaaS) provides an agile environment to quickly customise and re-engineer service responses to accurately meet the customer need, delivering an enterprise approach to digital CX so that the operation can create simple, immediate, and individual experiences.

With our digital customer engagement hub, you can digitize journeys, introduce two-way (conversational, non-linear) digital communications and drive fulfilment through a single enterprise platform that unifies organisational silos. All your digital communications in one place, perfectly integrated into your customer processes.

Each day, we see more and more customers showing preference and turning to conversational, non-linear automated assistants for clear, concise and contextual financial advice and decision making. Gone are the days of entering options on an unintelligent interactive voice response system to try and “guess” the customer preference as they search for a less binary, more interactive service.

The time is “now” for financial institutions to adopt the capabilities of Conversational AI to create a unique experience for their customers by combining knowledge across all relevant segments and providing better insights. This will give rise to a new level of conversational banking/transacting where results are delivered instantly through real-time conversations, thus facilitating better decision making.

Deliver All Types of Communication

Batch Generation

Enable structured, scheduled, and consistent communications processed in large volumes
•  Transactional communications, such as account statements, credit card statements, phone/utility bills, and more
•  Non-transactional communications, such as e-mail/SMS reminders, notifications, and more

On-demand Generation

Deliver communications in real time with triggers from enterprise business applications
•  Online policy or statement generation and transactional confirmations/OTPs
•  Instant issuance of ID cards, benefit statements, and more

Interactive Generation

Add a human touch to communications by arranging variable data and content in a structured template
•  Allow consumers to interact with your organization via the channel of their choice
•  Maintain a single continuous experience across mobile app, text, email, social media, WhatsApp, etc.

Use Cases

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