Orchestration, Automation and Response

A comprehensive platform that empowers organizations to proactively manage financial crime, compliance and risk

Extend workflow usability by combining AI capabilities with intelligent process automation

Benefits at a glance:

Automate repetitive tasks
Stay in compliance
Efficient process governance
Map customer journey on multiple channels


Achieve quick and quantifiable ROI with easy-to-integrate, highly scalable Financial Crime solutions. Deploy advanced Financial Crime models informed by deep domain expertise, and receive actionable Financial Crime signals in real time, without the need of labels, large data sets, or manual retuning. Go beyond simple anomaly detection to expose and deter known and unknown attacks.

Process structured and unstructured data with feature engineering to identify common Financial Crime patterns and correlations. Deploy machine learning models to directly operate on production data. Detect new Financial Crime attacks with no need for labels or historic data. Benefit from consistent model performance over time, and bypass the need for extensive training and frequent retuning.

Workflow, Alert and Case Management

Automate simple to complex repeatable business processes by integrating your human and robotic activities. Our solution intelligently manages fraud automation across your entire fraud and risk enterprise. See the start, middle and end of each fraud, in one fraud storyboard across your entire enterprise with fraud orchestration. Now is the time to unite and control your fraud operations into one common fraud and risk framework and improve customer experience, reduce fraud and your operational costs. Read More


Automate simple to complex repeatable business processes by integrating your human and robotic activities. We offer the combined power of RPA and BPM on a single digital platform. The platform helps improve overall business performance, with better visibility and exception management. It comprises of process simulator, robotic agents, robotic control center and business activity monitor to identify, automate, test, and measure key activities across processes. The cognitive capability of bots, achieved via machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), enables users to mimic human actions and deliver sound judgment without manual intervention. Read More

Omni Channel / Interactive Customer Communication

Design, manage, and distribute end-to-end communications from one centralized platform. Our product suite reinvents customers’ experiences by delivering personalized, content-rich communications, while tapping into various cross- and up-sell opportunities across touchpoints, such as e-mail, SMS, web, and print. It automates and standardizes end-to-end processes, empowering users and customers to generate communications as and when needed. Furthermore, it enables seamless integration with legacy systems and core enterprise applications to bridge content, process, and communication silos. Read More

Regulatory Reporting

Compile AML/CFT cases into data-rich, properly formatted reports ready to be shared with law enforcement. Our SAR Report Generation functionality takes your AML/CFT process through its final step, e-filing SARs with appropriate law enforcement. It uses holistic user-level information, network-level information, and explainable unsupervised machine learning reason codes to generate SARs. Leveraging natural language processing techniques, the platform creates a ready-to-file report. Then, integrating with your SAR e-filing module, the platform enables you to complete the last step of the process, without the added manual workload usually required for reporting purposes. Read More

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