SNA / Knowledge Graphs

Gives you a holistic view of your customers by connecting the dots between them

Conduct faster fraud analysis 
based on a better understanding of how activities are related

Benefits at a glance:

High level of scalability
Automatic identification of suspicious entities
Flexible integration that facilitates rapid actions
Real-time linkage analysis


Today, new threats are evolving faster than ever. Gone are the days when fraudsters carried out their activities in a linear, single-channel fashion for their own personal gain. Many fraudsters are no longer acting alone, but rather as part of organized crime rings whose activities are interconnected and therefore might evade fraud detection on an eye-to-eye level. Effective modern-day fraud prevention requires a holistic approach with a bird’s eye view into the context of potential fraud.

Our solution provides visual insight into potential fraud activities to deliver a better understanding into the context of activities. Linkage visualization is a critical piece in your fraud prevention strategy, for more confident decision-making. It augments omnichannel data, rather than relying on siloed data that may bypass traditional fraud detection tools. Seeing connections between activities helps to uncover patterns that may appear normal or unrelated on the surface, allowing teams to capture more fraud and take faster action.

Knowledge graph of money laundering activity in action

Fraud Detection

SNA / Knowledge Graphs detects multiple types of fraud, including application fraud, transaction fraud, identity fraud, account takeovers, and even internal fraud. The contextual fraud analysis approach looks beyond isolated activities to see the “big picture” behind them. The result is a faster path to fraud detection and prevention, allowing companies to take action sooner and mitigate the negative effects of fraud.


Complex money laundering rings are hard to detect because many crime rings employ money mules that may be unaware they’re doing anything wrong. On the surface, their activities may seem legitimate. Gaining a holistic view into activities can help teams uncover money mule and money laundering activity faster. Even with KYC processes in place, identity theft and synthetic identities can go unnoticed. SNA / Knowledge Graphs helps to discover multidimensional connections that can slip through manual review methods.

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