Payments Fraud Manager

Real-time, cross channel monitoring and detection for electronic payments

The industry’s most comprehensive cross-channel monitoring and interdiction solution for electronic payments

Benefits at a glance:

Real-time detection
Dynamic profiling
Proprietary analytic models
Score cards and rules
Integrated alert and case management
Management reporting


Electronic funds transfer fraud presents a global threat to financial institutions, with billions of dollars lost annually. The threat has increased with the shift to faster payments, real-time settlements and the initiation of electronic funds transfers using online and mobile channels. Since a single, high-value fraudulent electronic funds transfer could compromise a financial institution and even undermine the global financial system, rapid detection of criminal activity is a critical need.

Our solution monitors electronic payments for fraudulent activity in real time across multiple channels. It is the most comprehensive solution available, using advanced inference techniques to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions. It monitors batch and bulk payment files and individual electronic funds transfer transactions from any initiation channel, including online payments, across payment and messaging infrastructures such as SWIFT, FEDWIRE, SEPA and ACH. It also detects many different attack vectors including batch file manipulation, cybercrime, account takeover and internal fraud.

Provides Targeted Predictive Models
Provides Central Alert and Case Management
Detects Payment Fraud Globally
Leverages Sophisticated Customer Profiling
Works Across Banking Channels
Provides Productivity and Risk Dashboards
Maintain Compliance

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