Activity and Transaction Monitoring

Fight fraud and financial crime in a changing landscape by simplifying detection, prevention and compliance

Effectively and efficiently model, detect, investigate and resolve risks across channels and product lines

Benefits at a glance:

Real-Time Detection
Low False Positives
Regulatory and Operational Efficiency
Management Dashboards
Holistic View


Financial services are evolving at an unprecedented pace, and consumers expect those services to be delivered instantly and securely. But fraud and financial crime is evolving just as quickly, and pushing financial institutions to seek new strategies to stay ahead of criminals. With that shift, there are more scams and more sophisticated identity fraud. The more fraud and financial crime succeed, the more money there is to launder, so it becomes a vicious upward cycle.

Employing AI and machine learning facilitates monitoring for an unprecedented amount of data at scale. Adaptive behavioral analytics adds an additional layer of protection by focusing on good activity to create a baseline of what should be allowed. Anomalous deviations are used to identify new attacks as they emerge. That combination enables institutions to make accurate decisions, detecting financial crime and reducing friction while continually adapting to the changing behavior of consumers and financial criminals.

Uncover transaction monitoring risks with automated modeling of good behaviour. At Sygno we are reshaping the fight against financial crime. First, we rethink the problem by focusing on regular customer behavior, so the anomalies clearly stick out. Second, we believe that transaction monitoring becomes more manageable and effective once you recognize that the value is in the detection models and processes. Not in end-to-end systems. With deep roots in AI/ML and regulatory compliance for banks and payment processors, we have obtained a profound understanding of the challenges FI’s face in fraud and AML. Learn more about their products.


Comprehensive SaaS Solutions for Fraud and Risk Management. DataVisor protects the world’s largest enterprises from online fraud, digital risks, and sophisticated attacks with a transformational AI-powered platform. Their approach to comprehensive fraud management features a hyper-modern architecture built to manage complex digital signals and behavior analytics using the most advanced machine learning technologies at big data scale, empowering large enterprises to identify and prevent even the most sophisticated attacks. Learn more about their products.

Cryptocurrency Compliance & Risk Management. TRM helps financial institutions fight money laundering, prevent fraud, and stay in compliance. It brings together experts in machine learning, fraud, and compliance to build a solution that solves the needs of traditional and emerging financial institutions. Founded on the belief that a blockchain-based financial system can improve the lives of billions of people, they built the first transaction monitoring platform for digital assets. Learn more about their products.

The Low-code Audit, Risk, Compliance & Quality Software. Auditrunner is designed to provide a secure, user friendly, comprehensive lowcode software platform that encompasses all facets of Risk, Governance Compliance (GRC), and Quality Management. The architecture allows organizations of all sizes to interconnect people and systems to design and run audit, risk, control, compliance, quality assurance and other related processes seamlessly. Learn more about their products.

KYC and AML Risk Management

A comprehensive anti-money laundering solution that ensures regulatory compliance. As one of the most robust AML software solutions available, we offer an adaptive approach to mitigate suspicious activity surrounding potential money laundering. This enables organizations to screen, risk-rate and collect KYC information on all clients and manage risk through ongoing monitoring and due diligence. Today, more than 1,000 financial institutions globally use our solution.  Read More

Payments Fraud Manager

Real-time, cross channel monitoring and detection for electronic payments. Our solution monitors electronic payments for fraudulent activity in real time across multiple channels. It is the most comprehensive solution available, using advanced inference techniques to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions. It monitors batch and bulk payment files and individual electronic funds transfer transactions from any initiation channel, and detects many different attack vectors including batch file manipulation, cybercrime, account takeover and internal fraud. Read More

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