3D Secure 2.0

Provides an enhanced data stream between issuers and merchants to better inform decisioning

Increase authorization rates, reduce CNP fraud, and provide a better customer experience

Benefits at a glance:

Higher authorization rates
Liability shift
Interchange reduction
Reduced false declines / fraud


Banking and commerce activity is increasingly originating from digital endpoints. While this represents new and interesting opportunities for engagement, these digital channels also require a robust and evolving set of fraud detection, authentication, and authorization mechanisms. The big challenge facing issuers is how to detect the bad activity and minimize false declines while also providing a positive customer experience.

3D Secure 2.0 can help issuers address both false declines and rising CNP fraud. It is a protocol that enables issuers to perform additional risk assessment at the time of a digital transaction and prompt the customer for additional authentication if the transaction appears risky. Issuers rely on access control server (ACS) technology provided by vendors for this advanced risk scoring; the benefit of 3D Secure 2.0 versus the initial version of 3D Secure is the vastly enhanced data that it supplies the engine.

Objectives of 3D Secure 2.0

  1. Support authentication based on data elements shared through the protocol with focus on a frictionless shopping experience for the cardholder.
  2. Make the message interface and authentication flows amenable to mobile platforms (multi-device, device agnostic, multi-channel, etc.)
  3. Make the technology future proof with support for digital wallets and other forms of digital payments.
  4. Align to country specific and regulatory requirements.
  5. Move from static authentication to dynamic authentication when necessary.

3DS 2.0 for Merchants

Reduce the inconvenience that plagues your e-commerce business


With 3DS 2.0 for Merchants, you get payment security that doesn’t get in the way of business—a fraud prevention solution that stops illicit transactions in real time, without disrupting the customer experience. Our patented, predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities take advantage of the quantity and diversity of data provided by EMV 3DS, enabling highly accurate decision making via a combination of our unique global risk network and our in-house, industry-leading data science team.

With 3DS 2.0 for Merchants, your business benefits from the decades of leadership in fighting card-not-present (CNP) fraud through the combination of patented neural network models, powerful risk learning and scoring, and unsurpassed expertise in 3-D Secure. Our instant analysis of multidimensional, large-scale data enables transparent fraud assessment during transactions—not after. Even better, our unique machine learning capabilities mean each assessment is a little smarter than the last.


Frictionless authentication means more legitimate sales for your business. 3DS 2.0 for Merchants uses a combination of machine learning, real-time analytics, a dynamic rules engine, and a global consortium neural network model that automatically transforms multiple dimensions of large-scale data (spanning both issuer and merchant data) into valuable risk insight.

This fuels our powerful authentication tools, both flexible and scalable, giving you options for verifying customers quickly and easily. This means that legitimate cardholders don’t have to deal with the hassle of multiple authentication steps, while the bad guys are rejected.

Plus, we help you comply with mandates and governmental regulations such as the EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2) as well as issuer-mandated authentication programs, like EMV 3-D Secure supporting risk analysis for other payment methods and transaction types. Bottom line? There’s no need to compromise—strike the right balance with 3DS 2.0 Merchants.


Real-Time Analytics – Identify and stop fraud in real time using EMV 3-D Secure data and predictive neural networks.      Where is the user?      What device is being used?      What is the user trying to do?      Is the action consistent with history?

Global Data Network – Gain unique visibility with scheme-agnostic data from issuers and merchants worldwide.     • Multiple cards associated with bad device?      Is device confirmed fraud?      What’s happened at other issuers?

Strong Authentication – Step-up authentication identifies the cardholder with a wide range of options.      OTP via SMS      Push notification      Biometrics     • Mobile OTP

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