Fraud and AML

Enjoy the benefits of next-generation fraud and AML detection

Enable proactive financial fraud protection and minimize customer friction

Benefits at a glance:

Real-time detection
Enhanced accuracy
Regulatory and operational efficiency
Holistic view across all financial crime types


Modern fraudsters grow more sophisticated every day, and continue finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities and expand attack surfaces. Armed with bot-powered armies made up of stolen and synthetic identities, they strike often and change tactics rapidly. Financial institutions must defend against attacks that are not only coordinated, obfuscated, and adaptive, but massive. Legacy fraud solutions cannot keep up with the speed and sophistication of modern fraud.

Our Fraud and AML solutions empower global financial institutions to proactively defeat sophisticated modern fraud attacks. Leveraging machine learning technologies, our solutions take a holistic approach to provide immediate protection, detect ever-evolving attack patterns, and deliver the most accurate results. While conventional solutions require pre-knowledge of how attacks work to be effective, our systems are designed to detect fraud attacks without any historic labels, large datasets, or lengthy training times.

3D Secure 2.0

Provides an enhanced data stream between issuers and merchants to better inform decisioning. 3D Secure 2.0 can help issuers address both false declines and rising CNP fraud. It is a protocol that enables issuers to perform additional risk assessment at the time of a digital transaction and prompt the customer for additional authentication if the transaction appears risky. Issuers rely on access control server (ACS) technology provided by vendors for this advanced risk scoring; the benefit of 3D Secure 2.0 versus the initial version of 3D Secure is the vastly enhanced data that it supplies the engine. Read More

Activity and Transaction Monitoring

Fight fraud in a changing financial landscape by simplifying detection, prevention and compliance. Employing AI and machine learning facilitates monitoring for an unprecedented amount of data at scale. Adaptive behavioral analytics adds an additional layer of protection by focusing on good activity to create a baseline of what should be allowed. Anomalous deviations are used to identify new attacks as they emerge. That combination enables institutions to make accurate decisions, detecting financial crime and reducing friction while continually adapting to the changing behavior of consumers and financial criminals. Read More

SNA / Knowledge Graphs

Gives you a holistic view of your customers by connecting the dots between them. Our solution provides visual insight into potential fraud activities to deliver a better understanding into the context of activities. Linkage visualization is a critical piece in your fraud prevention strategy, for more confident decision-making. It augments omnichannel data, rather than relying on siloed data that may bypass traditional fraud detection tools. Seeing connections between activities helps to uncover patterns that may appear normal or unrelated on the surface, allowing teams to capture more fraud and take faster action. Read More


Detect and prevent double-dipping across insurers without revealing any sensitive data. The proposed solution provides a consortium of insurance companies a quick and automatic way to identify and eliminate the duplication of claims for the same loss event, while also complying with all regulations. Customers’ privacy is respected and no sensitive information is revealed to any competitors. To do so, the content of a claim is divided into public and private data. The ‘Public’ part of the verified claims is shared with all insurers in the network on a distributed ledger. The ‘Private’ part of claims is not shared, but is used to confirm fraudulent duplicate claims. Read More

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