Smart Document Checks

Authenticate documents effectively and verify users with unparalleled global coverage

Onboard customers quickly and securely using intuitive image capture and verification technology

Benefits at a glance:

Intelligent Automation
Detection of false documents in financing applications
Operational Efficiency

Overview of Smart Document Checks

ID document verification is powerful technology for verifying identities online. But not all providers are created equal. Some offer “global” document verification, but does that mean they can deliver the best results in every country you need?

Our solution was built specifically with global customers in mind. By leveraging a marketplace of independent data sources and integrated identity services worldwide, you can substantially increase your ability to reduce fraud, ensure compliance and build trust online.

KYC/FICA Identity and Document Verification and Validation

Classification Process
• Receive and split document set
• Find the forms specific to your organization
• Find ID Documents
• Find Documents containing Banking and Residential documentation logos
• Compile the Classification Checklist
How we do it
• Template Validation
• Secondary Validations
• Document Actions
PDF/JPEG documents are used in most financial processes :We offer early automated detection of modified & malicious PDF documents
• Know Your Customer
• Consumer Lending
• Car Financing
• SMB Lending & Factoring
• Detection of forgeries at scale
• Immediate, fully automated detection
• Highlights problematic cases for your team
Information in the documents such as IDV and KYC Documents, Payslips, Bank Statements, POs & Invoices is rarely verified or authenticated. False Positive Reduction, Advanced Attack Detection, Partner & Insider Fraud
For Fraud Detection, Anti-Money Laundering and Online & Consumer Lending

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