Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

A unified onboarding platform for all your identity, risk, signature and payment needs

Reach and identify over 6bn individuals with our various services – the industry’s largest coverage

Benefits at a glance:

Compliance with Open Banking and PSD2
Multi-tiered Digital Identity Verification for improved customer trust

Overview of SCA

Enables you to know your customers, serve them better and avoid risk. You can do everything from simple data capture to qualified sign-ups, to mortgage applications and sophisticated fraud prevention. Quickly capture data from an ID or other document to prepopulate forms online or in store to speed up applications and avoid data entry errors.

Classify your clients based on an inexpensive but robust quick risk assessment. With only a few data points such as email, phone number, name, IP you can get a reliable risk score within half a second. Scan and pre populate credit card numbers for simpler data entry into payment forms or as a security check with applicant’s data.

Digital Identity Verification against Root of Trust

1.Take a selfie and run liveness detection
2.Match selfie to the photo on the id card or passport
3.Use OCR to validate the Identity data to the Root of Trust

• Data Capture and Pre-Identification – Classify based on an inexpensive but robust quick risk assessment
• Age Verification and Identification – Photo ID including Liveness check and Biometric Face Match
• Verification – Address, Phone and eMail
• Assessment – Compute Decision Making Scores and Risk Signals Analysis
• Qualification – AML/PEP Checks and Risk Data Analysis

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