Augmented IDV, KYC, CDD, ODD Checks

Real time or batch checks against proprietary money laundering and PEP databases

Screen against the world’s only real-time risk database of connected people and companies

Benefits at a glance:

Compliance with Fraud and AML
Reduce risk of fines, financial and regulatory impact
Reduce risk of reputational impact


Leveraging state of the art machine learning technology with robust update and assurance processes means that we have the capability of monitoring global sanctions lists concurrently in real-time. This includes OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, DFAT and many more from around the world.

While individuals and companies can change names throughout their life and typos can occur during onboarding, many regulators expect companies to be able to account for and identify this. Our industry-leading sanctions screening software enables you to overcome these issues while configuring screening parameters that are aligned with your risk appetite.

Digital Identity API – one solution for client onboarding and monitoring:

• Online onboarding and KYC (On Mobile and Web)
• Offline Account Opening (Account opening for walk-in customers)
• Integration with different data sources for customer due-diligence
• On-going CDD Process for Perpetual KYC or refresh activities at periodic intervals
• For on-boarding as well as on-going KYC, the platform will integrate with local, regional and international data sources.
• Document Digitization, Validation, Sanctions Screening, Archival of digitized documents in underlying document management system

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