Network Intrusion, Cyber Defense Monitoring

Detect and block suspicious card-present and card-not-present fraud behavior

Detecting transaction-level payment fraud attacks in real-time

Benefits at a glance:

Protect reputation and financial bottom line
Reduce customer friction and false positives
Mitigate payment fraud in an efficient, cost effective way


Detecting and preventing payment fraud attacks — before customer, reputation and financial damage is done — is a complex and costly problem to solve. Sophisticated fraudsters are exploiting fraud defense gaps quickly and quietly. Multi-vector attacks are often launched unnoticed, using a combination of social engineering, malware and advanced persistent threats.

Our solution solves the payment velocity and data acquisition challenges that are impacting the speed of fraud detection and the accuracy of transaction risk scoring and blocking — across all payment channels. With independent, network-based transaction data acquisition, in-depth transaction profiling and multi-point correlation capabilities, you gain unprecedented visibility into every link and every transition point along an end-to-end payment journey.

Real-time network-based transaction data collection

Independently acquire trustworthy transaction data in real-time – across every back-end and front-end payment link – straight off the wire. No heavy instrumentation, code changes or touching of the payment switch required. No contextual information (e.g. terminal ID, EMV data element, IP address) stripped at the terminal handler or switch level. Utilize this rich data to accurately assess the validity of every payment in milliseconds with our fraud detection and prevention system.

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