Device Fingerprinting and Profiling

Enterprise-grade fraud detection, data validation, account screening, and transaction quality control

Identify bots, spoofed devices, location spoofing, and analyze users against high risk behavior patterns

Benefits at a glance:

Protect against abuse and fraudulent users
Lower your chance of chargebacks and reversals
Real-time fraud scores
Detect bots and duplicate accounts


Traditional methods of catching low quality users and fraudulent payments are quickly becoming outdated as fraudsters continue to improve their levels of sophistication and techniques. Fraudsters can quickly access virtual machines with legitimate IP addresses or even choose from thousands of devices with tools like Multi-Login, Linken Sphere, FraudFox, & AntiDetect. Preventing fake accounts with real-time device fingerprinting can improve audience quality by up to 15%-20%.

Our Device Fingerprinting tools are an unparalleled fraud detection service capable of detecting even the most advanced fraudsters and cybercriminals. Scans over 300 data points to accurately identify any irregularities in a user’s online fingerprint that would indicate the user is intentionally manipulating their online signature, such as automated behavior, device spoofing, & other strong signals that the user is likely to engage in high risk behavior. Additionally, analyze user intent and behavior across our vast database of known patterns of fraud to identify bad actors with a high probability of engaging in malicious behavior.


• Advanced Device Fingerprinting & Device Tracking
• Browser Fingerprint & Cross Device Tracking
• AI & Machine Learning Algorithms
• Bot Detection & Customizable Scoring
• Collects over 300 Data Points to Create a Unique Fingerprint
• Loads in Milliseconds, Compatible with Mobile Devices
• Pull Data, Fraud Score Averages, & Reports with an API
• Powerful Reporting Platform

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