Behavioural Biometrics

Advanced behavioral insights to create a secure and frictionless digital customer journey

Transform digital behavior into powerful insights without compromising user experience

Benefits at a glance:

Build a trusted customer experience
Reduce fraud and detect all types of attacks
Accept more customers and increase profitability
Detect even the most subtle behavioral anomalies


With cyber-attackers becoming much more sophisticated, security measures must get smarter too. The key is to implement security measures that continuously monitor and test the authenticity of users in ways that are difficult to replicate. Many experts and market leaders agree: behavioral biometric profiling is the only effective way to achieve this level of security.

We provide a passive and continuous authentication layer that maintains the integrity of sessions without any friction or disruption. Behavioral biometrics runs in the background seamlessly. In the event of anomalous behavior, real-time alerts and analyses are provided to support the customer’s authentication policy. This capability provides ongoing security throughout the session and guides the customer to escalate only in which the anomaly rate is very high.


Account Opening Protection – Generate insights to distinguish between legitimate applicants and cybercriminals
Account Takeover Protection – Detect human and non-human cyberthreats such as Remote Access Tool attacks, bots, malware, and manual account takeover methods
Social Engineering Scam Detection – Uncover subtle behavioural anomalies that suggest a victim is operating under the influence of a cybercriminal
Biometrics for PSD2 SCA – Provide a secure and frictionless customer experience on your journey to address PSD2 SCA requirements

The Human Side of Fraud


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