Cyber Intrusion

Permanently stop abusive users and malicious behaviour

Automate your quality control and fraud prevention

Benefits at a glance:

Profound visibility into risk
Powerful behavioural insights
Higher level of trust and security


Fraud detection is what we do best. All of our algorithms are designed for comprehensive fraud protection, to maximize detection rates for high risk behavior while reducing impact on the user experience. New patterns of fraudulent behavior are detected across our network every few seconds, learning from your audience to improve future scoring. 

Experience enterprise level accuracy without enterprise prices. Adaptive anti-fraud tools and solutions can solve complex abuse issues across any audience or industry. Deploy the most intelligent fraud prevention tools to permanently stop bots, fake & abusive users, chargebacks, click fraud, and other types of abuse across any industry in any country.

Network Intrusion, Cyber Defense Monitoring

Detect and block suspicious card-present and card-not-present fraud behavior. Our solution solves the payment velocity and data acquisition challenges that are impacting the speed of fraud detection and the accuracy of transaction risk scoring and blocking — across all payment channels. With independent, network-based transaction data acquisition, in-depth transaction profiling and multi-point correlation capabilities, you gain unprecedented visibility into every link and every transition point along an end-to-end payment journey. Read More

Device Fingerprinting and Profiling

Enterprise-grade fraud detection, data validation, account screening, and transaction quality control. Our Device Fingerprinting tools are an unparalleled fraud detection service capable of detecting even the most advanced fraudsters and cybercriminals. Scans over 300 data points to accurately identify any irregularities in a user’s online fingerprint that would indicate the user is intentionally manipulating their online signature, such as automated behavior, device spoofing, & other strong signals that the user is likely to engage in high risk behavior. Read More

Behavioural Biometrics

Advanced behavioral insights to create a secure and frictionless digital customer journey. We provide a passive and continuous authentication layer that maintains the integrity of sessions without any friction or disruption. Behavioral biometrics runs in the background seamlessly. In the event of anomalous behavior, real-time alerts and analyses are provided to support the customer’s authentication policy. This capability provides ongoing security throughout the session and guides the customer to escalate only in which the anomaly rate is very high. Read More

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