CLM (Customer Lifecycle Management)

Continuous monitoring, protection and compliance across the customer lifecycle

Identify bad clients at registration, proactively detect bad activities, and smartly group alerts into cases

Benefits at a glance:

Digital agility for superior customer experience
Increase revenue generation
Optimized cost and risk efficiencies


Most organizations today have a growing risk of fraud, cyber and compliance in the digital age. During Covid-19, digital adoption and risk have risen congruently and will continue post the pandemic. Whilst organizations are reshaping business models and realigning operations to remotely onboard and support customers – achieving optimal efficiencies remains a top challenge and priority.

We advise our clients to adopt and implement a layered and risk-based approach for total fraud, cyber and compliance protection across their customer journey. Our solution can be stitched into the fabric of your customer journey to manage your most burning risks without the trade-off between customer convenience and security. Always keeping the customer at the heart of your organization, further optimizing revenue, cost and risk efficiencies of remote operations through intelligent automation.

Continuous Monitoring, Protection and Compliance

Compliance Risk Based Capability

Risk based compliance across the customer lifecycle. MoData can help you realize new ways to perform risk evaluation and money laundering surveillance using advanced techniques and methods including artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and neural networking. Our solutions enable you to transform into a more compliant, efficient and profitable institution by adopting a dynamic data and event driven risk based approach to enterprise compliance. Read More

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