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Payment Fraud Manager

Payment Fraud Manager from Fiserv is the industry’s most comprehensive cross-channel monitoring and interdiction solution for electronic payments.

Our Solution

Identify and prevent electronic payment fraud, including wire fraud, before the transaction leaves your institution with Payment Fraud Manager. By leveraging unique proprietary analytic models, you can reduce fraud losses and reputational risk while meeting requirements established by the FFIEC.

The Payment Fraud Manager solution reduces false postives and detects and prevents payment fraud across all major settlement channels, including SEPA, SWIFT, Fedwire and ACH.

Provides Targeted Predictive Models

Predictive models target fraudulent payments at the lowest false positive and highest detection levels.

Leverages Sophisticated Customer Profiling

Build customer profiles to determine what constitutes as typical behavior versus fraudulent behavior.

Stops Fraud in Real Time

Detects and prevents fraudulent electronic payments before loss has occurred by analyzing transactions with sub-second speed.

Works Across Banking Channels

A central repository for models, rules and case management enables fraud to be detected across any payment channel.

Provides Central Alert and Case Management

Allows analysts to review, process and make quick decisions on suspicious electronic payments in a central platform.

Provides Productivity and Risk Dashboards

Keeps track of outstanding and emerging risk with productivity and risk dashboards that show outstanding risk levels.

Delivers Rules and Scorecards Capability

Financial institutions can write their own rules and analytics based on experience and risk tolerances.

Maintain Compliance

Meets U.S. Federal Financial Institution Examination Council, Monetary Authority of Singapore and European Central Bank guidelines and provides seamless SAR reporting.

Detects Payment Fraud Globally

Global models detect suspicious payment activity with customized country scorecards.


  • Real-time detection
  • Dynamic profiling
  • Proprietary analytic models
  • Score cards and rules
  • Integrated alert and case management
  • Management reporting

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