If you are the issuer of Credit or debit cards you will be familiar with the never ending battle against fraud. Fraud robs your business of time and money, while your customers suffer additional inconveniences such as blocked cards or declined transactions as well as the fears that come from being a victim of crime

Fraud detection systems do a reasonable job of detecting fraud, however they rely on the availability of expensive call centre agents and speed is of the essence so digital automation deals with the false positive ratios as well as contacting 100% of customers speedily.

Different demographics require different contact channels. Some people still prefer voice whilst other people never answer their phone and often pro-actively block calls from financial institutions. SMS is popular but has limitations in a fraud environment, social media such as WhatsApp is popular whereas an organisations own Mobile App may be preferred by some.

The use of machine learning and ai chat bots is also a popular way of allowing customers to self serve. However what is clear is that no single channel is the solution for rapid contact and that the conversation needs to be continuous across the orchestrated channels. If you send an SMS to a customer and they call in to your call centre, then your fraud system needs to know that you sent an SMS and why.


  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce fraud
  • Improve efficiency
  • Customer satisfaction

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