Manage the acquisition, authentication, capture and authorization of electronic payment transactions

Solve contemporary business issues for payments processors using the most modern techniques and technologies available

Benefits at a glance:

Extensible Cloud-Native Architecture
Efficient High-Volume Processing
Rules-Powered Transaction Routing
Sophisticated Workflow Orchestration
Versatile Transaction Processing
Standards Compliance

Overview of Reno-Switch

Reno-Switch is the first transaction switch designed to meet the needs of the 21st Century payments industry. Reno-Switch’s use of the latest cloud-native technology results in significantly lower processing costs than that achieved through traditional or virtual-machine based deployment approaches. Additionally, Reno-Switch supports the full choice of deployment models including in-house or deployment in a private or public cloud.

Reno-Switch, is a payment solution designed from the ground up to take advantage of modern, open, low-cost technologies, putting you in full control of your cloud-migration strategy. Reno-Switch frees you from the constraints of legacy switching platforms by providing a token agnostic processing solution that utilises In-Memory Data Grid technology to maximise transaction throughput, an extensible modular architecture, and rules driven workflows that are easily adapted to emerging requirements.

Key Highlights

Smart routing: Route transactions efficiently by using an agile web based dynamic transaction routing system.
Multi-destination: Route transactions to multiple destinations, in parallel, sequential or mixed modes.
Token agnostic: Allows transactions to be processed and routed based on a token that could be a mobile number, email, card number, etc.
Config loader: Set up and configure the solution through the administrative console
In-memory data grid: Transaction data as well as configuration are processed in-memory, ensuring faster I/O operations

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