Verify payment tokens, authenticate the consumer, and perform financial authorisation

Designed to be flexible, secure and scalable and thereby enabling innovative payment services

Benefits at a glance:

Flexible rules-based processing
Easy integration
Modular Security Processing
Standards Compliance

Overview of Reno-Issuer

Reno-Issuer provides a cloud-native platform that is fully rules-based, providing all the flexibility required to meet the demands of today’s ever-changing payments environment. Specifically, authentication and authorisation costs can be finely managed commensurate with the risk of the individual products

Reno-Issuer is a versatile solution that can address a variety of authentication and authorisation needs including the standardisation of authorisation services across multiple platforms, the provision of high availability stand-in processing, and provide augmented authentication and authorisation services for legacy systems.

Key Highlights

• Integration of New innovation: Reno-Issue is a modular solution that allows the easy integration of any new payment innovation including biometrics, tokenisation, and virtual cards.
• Fully Customised Authorisation Rules: Reno-Issuer provides powerful authentication and authorisation rules that can operate on any available data.
• Enhanced Service Management: Reno-Issuer can be configured to perform full validity checking on incoming transactions.
Standards Compliance: Reno-Issuer conforms to PA DSS and other recognised industry standards

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