The most effective and flexible cloud-ready ATM management platform available

A comprehensive answer to the demanding challenges facing today’s ATM operators

Benefits at a glance:

Unrestricted transaction workflows
Modular presentation layer
OS agnostic client application
Easy integration
Cloud-based experimental sandbox

Overview of Reno-ATM

Delivering a compelling consumer experience at the ATM is a widely recognised success factor for both financial institutions and independent ATM operators. Renovite’s cloud-native Reno-ATM solution is a comprehensive answer to the innovation challenges posed by aging, inflexible infrastructure and vendor dependencies.

Reno-ATM provides ATM Deployers with significant competitive advantages including; complete freedom in the creation of new transaction workflows, an automated end-to-end testing capability for faster time to market, and powerful scripted transaction switching that enriches transaction workflows and rejuvenates legacy infrastructure investments.

Key Highlights

• Cost Effective Cloud-Native Solution: Reno-ATMs cloud-native server architecture delivers greater deployment choice, low processing costs and greater agility.
• Unrestricted Configuration Power: ATM Deployers have complete control over the configuration of consumer transaction workflows without vendor limitations or restrictions.
• Fast Configuration Changes: The intuitive Consumer Experience Builder tool facilitates rapid configuration and validation of new consumer services without the need for code changes.
• Greater Operational Control: Reno-ATM provides centralised fleet management and the targeted distribution of individual components.

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