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When we say cloud, we mean cloud. From design to implementation, deployment, and operation, our solutions are unambiguous and 100% cloud-native. Often when a business offers a “Cloud” based service, particularly in the payments industry, it means a monolithic application in a traditional hosted managed service, which does not offer the real benefits of cloud technology.

Our cloud payment solutions use state-of-the-art cloud technology and tools that inherit all the real benefits of cloud: lower costs, better security, elastic scalability, agility, portability, and high availability of service, none of which are truly achievable with monolithic alternatives. Once implemented, our solutions significantly increase results.


Solve contemporary business issues for payments processors using the most modern techniques and technologies available. Reno-Switch is the first transaction switch designed to meet the needs of the 21st Century payments industry. Reno-Switch’s use of the latest cloud-native technology results in significantly lower processing costs than that achieved through traditional or virtual-machine based deployment approaches. Additionally, Reno-Switch supports the full choice of deployment models including in-house or deployment in a private or public cloud. Read More


Designed to be flexible, secure and scalable and thereby enabling innovative payment services. Reno-Issuer provides a cloud-native platform that is fully rules-based, providing all the flexibility required to meet the demands of today’s ever-changing payments environment. Specifically, authentication and authorisation costs can be finely managed commensurate with the risk of the individual products. Reno-Issuer is a versatile solution that can address a variety of authentication and authorisation needs. Read More


A comprehensive answer to the demanding challenges facing today’s ATM operators. Renovite’s cloud-native Reno-ATM solution is a comprehensive answer to the innovation challenges posed by aging, inflexible infrastructure and vendor dependencies. Reno-ATM provides ATM Deployers with significant competitive advantages including; complete freedom in the creation of new transaction workflows, an automated end-to-end testing capability for faster time to market, and powerful scripted transaction switching that enriches transaction workflows and rejuvenates legacy infrastructure investments. Read More

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Cloud Native – Whitepaper

To make a success of 21st-century payments, we believe you need to look to two core components, the right technology, but also, working with vendors who want you to grow according to your needs, not theirs. It is only when you take these two things together, that real change can take place. Read More.

The 21st Century Payment Revolution

There are lots of payment systems operating in the 21st Century that use products that originated in the 20th. This paper is intended to open up a debate about what constitutes an architecture that is ready for the 21st century and the incredible rate of change that payment systems continue to experience. Read More.

An Introduction to Renovite and Reno-Cloud

The payments industry is experiencing significant disruption because of rapid technological change, increasingly diverse consumer demands, and new entrants all competing for the consumer’s loyalties. Payments organisations are generally responding to this competitive landscape through one of two investment strategies. Read More.

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