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ATM Management Solutions

Fiserv offers ATM management solutions to help you keep your ATM and self-service network up and running to deliver the services customers expect and help reduce stress to your organization.

Cash Forecasting and Optimization with Integrated Currency Manager™

Streamline ATM operations with Integrated Currency Manager from Fiserv. Advanced cash forecasting and transportation analysis features optimize cash supply chains, helping you reduce total costs by up to 40 percent.

Using Integrated Currency Manager helps your organization:

  • Automate forecasting and more accurately predict orders and shipments for any cash point
  • Reduce the burden and costs of supplying cash
  • Decrease cash supply costs and maintain target balances
  • Streamline processes for greater control and efficiency
  • Meet peak cash demands while improving control of cash balances

ATM and Self-Service Management with Device Manager™

Improve device availability and performance from service vendors with Device Manager from Fiserv. Set up this event-driven incident management system to receive, analyze, respond to and manage critical information from self-service devices, including ATMs, kiosks, teller cash devices and POS devices. Employ real-time diagnostics you can use to determine a resolution plan and help you automatically prioritize and dispatch service providers.


Utilizing ATM management solutions can help you:

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Improve availability and customer satisfaction
  • Provide user-defined reporting across your self-service network
  • Reduce cash supply chain costs
  • Simplify device management with a single, end-to-end platform

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