Vendor Management

An enterprise-wide track and trace system that optimizes your end-to-end shipment and delivery oversight capabilities

Trace each asset type in the system from origin to destination, improving visibility and reducing risk

Benefits at a glance:

Multi-asset tracking capabilities
Easy-to-use web-based platform
Proactive system alerts
Robust automation that facilitates progress
Verifies transfer of ownership for all items
Flexibility to support any currency

Overview of Vendor Management

In today’s evolving business climate, your organization must manage and account for various types of assets in transit, in process or in storage. These assets, including those with monetary value or security and confidentiality considerations, often pass through the hands of multiple customers, vendors, office locations and internal departments. Organizations are challenged to provide real-time visibility of asset location, from initial pickup to final delivery and all points in between.

Our Vendor Management solution can track virtually any bar-coded item throughout the delivery cycle. By automating the counting, verifying, logging and reporting processes, the system eliminates the uncertainties associated with manual methods and provides real-time visibility for managing item location and ownership. Through the collection of electronic signatures, you can confidently leverage your existing resources to deliver standard accountable mail at a fraction of the cost charged by national carriers, without sacrificing delivery verification.

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