Order Manager

Next-generation cash management for your merchant customers


Manual cash ordering processes are time-consuming and inefficient for both your institution and your customers. New technologies are available that save time, improve cash control, generate fee income and provide a clear competitive advantage. The cash ordering process should be streamlined, automated and simple – allowing your merchants to get back to running their business. The process should also offer your customers both control and convenience.

With Order Manager, institutions of any size can provide simplified cash management services to their merchant customer base. The solution automates cash ordering to increase efficiency, accountability and control while reducing risk. It enables your customers to order cash via a bank-branded Web portal, mobile smart phone or automated telephone system. This establishes a common, single point of access for your customers, regardless of the cash vault location servicing their location.

Key Benefits

•    Cash forecasting    •    Deposit tracking    •    Mobile cash ordering   •    Convenient Web-based and automated telephone cash orders    •    Order and deposit history available 24/7 through a Web portal    •    Reduced risk through credit-limit and balance checks    •    Centralized view of order and deposit activity across different locations    •    Enhanced notifications and communications between customers, your bank and armored carriers    •    New source of revenue and differentiation

Deposit Manager

Deposit Manager is an advanced, integrated cash deposit solution that streamlines deposit handling. As retail personnel deposit cash into “smart safe” hardware devices, the solution allows managers to track the status of cash deposits and view detailed information for each retail location (for example, denominations and cashier totals). Deposit Manager is designed to be hardware- and armored carrier-agnostic, providing the flexibility to choose the vendor relationships that best fit your unique business challenges.

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