Performance View

Comprehensive data analytics and reporting for your enterprise supply chain

Simplify large volumes of data
to quickly identify trends and track performance

Benefits at a glance:

Operational efficiency
Performance and opportunity management
Internal cost savings
Key performance metrics
Identify root cause and impact of issues

Overview of Performance View

Real-time visibility into the costs and performance drivers of your supply chain is critical to making quick decisions and excelling in today’s competitive, evolving markets. Performance View produces daily core dashboards that provide a visual and intuitive overview of key performance metrics on the Web. The user-friendly drag and drop interface allows business users to create ad hoc reports to address your everchanging environment. 

Performance View provides users with access and flexibility to their data without requiring technical expertise or external resources. The power of information is put into the hands of your subject matter experts to get the data they need, when they need it, the way they want to see it. Information from the full Cash and Logistics Management suite is available for reporting, creating a single point of access to manage your entire supply chain.

Schedule and distribute reports automatically
Powerful reports and charts in a fraction of the time
Dashboards simplify large volumes of data
Instant access to critical information
Reduce workload of internal IT departments
Measure performance using key metric indicators

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