Trade Finance

Improve compliance and efficiency by automating and centralizing standard trade processes.

Increase the scale of trade branch operations whilst ensuring adherence to SLAs & regulatory requirements

Benefits at a glance:

Multi-channel Trade Process Initiation
Cost Reduction and Scalability
Streamlined Online Operations
Trade Process Monitoring and Reporting
Loan Limit Availability Check

Overview of Trade Finance

With shrinking margins in trade finance business, the biggest challenges that banks are facing today include improving service levels, increasing scale of operations and ensuring regulatory compliances without adding additional costs. As paper based trade processes are likely to continue to dominate, banks are looking forward to streamline inefficiencies in trade operations by automating trade operations in an electronically driven paperless environment. With the ever growing competition, it’s imperative for banks to optimize the complete trade finance process.

Designed by bankers & experts in trade finance and technology, our trade finance solution is a revolutionary concept that thinks, acts and operates in the same way as a bank’s trade finance operation. It enables banks to process trade finance business both efficiently and cost-effectively, thereby providing banks the edge they need to stay ahead of the competition. We, through our out-of-the-box adaptors and integration technology, seamlessly integrate with core banking systems. Our Trade Finance Accelerator is built atop of our iBPS product framework in a paperless and electronically driven workflow environment.

Solution Highlights
Multiple Initiation Channels
Customer Information Exchange
Intelligent Data Extraction
Straight Through Processing
Trade Loans
Connecting Disparate Applications

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