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Creating a customer journey that is innovative, intelligent and intuitive.

MoData Digital Solutions

MoData provides leading edge, innovative solutions for the financial services sector. Our team of experienced experts are constantly driving quality and innovation in Digital PaymentsRisk & Compliance, Financial Control, Customer & Channel Management, Insights & Optimization, consulting services.

Our products empower customer interaction.

Our solutions efficiently integrate enterprise back office platforms with all modern digital communication channels. They are able to effectively humanise digital interaction for the end-user customer and intuit through natural AI capability.

With over 30 years in the fintech industry both locally and abroad, we remain close to innovative solutions and customer needs in the banking, insurance, mobile/telco industries. Our ability to provide different custom solutions for different clients results in us having a loyal customer base and responsive vendor partnerships.

We are customer-focused and entrepreneurial, offering a yes-we-can philosophy with accessible customer support from our team as well as a flexible approach and fast enablement.

Financial Crime

Our Leading fraud and compliance solutions from Fiserv deliver superior risk protection against a wide array of financial crimes.

Financial Control

Comprehensive, end-to-end account reconciliation and certification solution that handles all transaction types and financial instruments.

Customer Communication

Interactive communications that allow customers to interact with your organisation via the channel of their choice.

Digital Banking

Presenting customers with secure, convenient, personalised and engaging omnichannel services.

Cash and Logistics

Reduce costs and optimize efficiency using a single, integrated cash and logistics platform.