SA Insurance – Better Practices

A Ted (type) Talk on “Recons in SA Insurance – better Practices”  – which sounds like a really boring subject matter but I promise it will be short and punchy (Because we dislike “Death-by-Powerpoint” presentations) based on lessons from some of South Africa’s  and the worlds leading Insurance Companies etc.

Covering topics such as:

  • If you are taking more than 1 day to complete your recons then you are losing money
  • If you are not rotating your staff every three months then you are likely a subject of fraud from people you least expected.


The talk via “zoom” video conference on Tuesday 16th at 3pm SA time for no more than 30mins ( 15 mins ted-talk, 10mins for q&a).

Please complete the registration below to access a recording of the talk – in case you cant make it on the day – and also use the space provided to ask any questions – which we will endeavor to answer