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eBook - Accelerating Digital with Intelligent Automation

As a business leader in your industry, you have likely taken the first steps on your digital journey, only to realize that you need to go beyond automation. You may have heard the term “intelligent automation.” But do you truly understand what it means for your business and the prospective value it can bring to your  organization?

The lack of transparency surrounding intelligent automation has created some misconceptions. Is it a step up from robotic process automation (RPA)? Is it a new-age buzzword for business process management (BPM)? Or, is it something else entirely? In this eBook, you will explore the key components that comprise intelligent automation. You will also learn how intelligent automation can help you to effectively achieve your digital goals and stay on the cutting edge of your industry.

Key Highlights:

  • What is intelligent automation?
  • The nuts and bolts of intelligent automation (AI, ML, NLP)
  • 5 steps to achieving your intelligent automation goals
  • Use cases where you can see intelligent automation in action

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